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Premature Ejaculation Cure

The definition for premature ejaculation is vague at best. It could mean either ejaculating before intercourse, or just as you begin intercourse, maybe a couple of minutes in. Some even define intercourse as finishing before your partner! How many times have you wished you could have more staying power? You aren’t alone. In fact, the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) reports that 30% of men ejaculate prematurely.  Luckily for you there is a premature ejaculation cure.

Premature Ejaculation Cure

Premature ejaculation is not a disease, but simply a sexual condition. While premature ejaculation in no way physically harms the sufferer, it does affect his relationship with his partner, who he likely leaves sexually unsatisfied. This in turn will affect his self-esteem, which leaks into other aspects of his life. But lucky for you, there is a premature ejaculation cure. You can’t just be expected to control this function though, without a little bit of help. You’ve probably tried thinking of something else other than sex, which may work but all it does is decrease the intensity of your orgasm. Or, that you need to turn to prescription medication which is both pricey and rife with side effects. Both are completely unnecessary. Instead, we’ll teach you a few easy tricks so you can enjoy sex for longer.

Learning how to start and stop is your most effective tool in preventing early orgasm. That is, while having sex recognize the moment before you orgasm, and hold off. It should first be practiced during masturbation, and then incorporated with a partner. Learn to find that moment right as you build towards orgasm, which is signaled by a tingling feeling. Stop any stimulation once you feel this tingling. After the sensation subsides, resume stimulation. See how many times you can do this, then let yourself orgasm. It may sound easy, but you’ll see it’s far more difficult than it sounds. You may find that you will occasionally lose the strength of your erection – this happens occasionally. Just continue as you were before. Once you are ready for partner sex with this routine, try caressing and kissing during these little breaks.

Kegel exercises are another great way of holding off orgasm. Kegel exercises strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles, otherwise known as the PC muscles. To find these muscles, stop your urination midstream – that would be the PC muscles. Now, to do a Kegel exercise, clench the muscle, hold it for five seconds, then release. Repeat these in sets of ten until you are tired. Slowly, over time, increase the number of reps, and should ideally be repeated three times a day. You won’t see any results quickly, at least not for three to four weeks. How this works is during sex, once you feel yourself building towards orgasm in the same way you learned with the start and stop technique, clench this muscle. This can be done in conjunction with the start and stop.

An herbal supplement is also a great help, as long as it comes from a reputable company. Extenze promises a longer, firmer, thicker erection. Who doesn’t want that? More importantly, it increases your staying power while still increasing the power of your orgasm. This probably sounds too good to be true. But this premature ejaculation cure does work, through a carefully selected blend of natural sexual enhancers. Expect results with no side effects.

Premature Ejaculation Cure

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Get a Bigger Dick
There are now surveys that are saying that up to 85% of men are not happy with the size of their appendage and want to get a bigger dick, so you are definitely not alone if this is a problem that you have been secretly worrying about. The topic of penis size is also not as taboo as it used to be and there is now more research and studies and more companies focusing on this issue and working on coming up with solutions for all those men and women who are affected by this increasing talked about problem.

The other more hidden side effects of penal size, or more specifically smaller penal size, on sexual performance is the effects that it has on psychological performance. As the old saying goes, the big head has a lot of effect on the little head. So if your big head is not in the game, your little head is going to suffer.

But you don’t have to suffer anymore, we have come a long way in the last few decades regarding taking some of these hidden problems in the bedroom out into the open. And there are more and more products on the market that have been studied and tested and have now been proven to actually work to increase penis size. But you are a very busy person with a lot on your plate. Where do you even start to look for those solutions?

Luckily for you there are ways to get a bigger dick now. The folks that have designed the ProExtender System have been working hard for you and have come up with a few solutions that they guarantee are going to work and they have made it easy to incorporate their solutions into your busy life.

This ProExtender System secret weapon is the ProExtender. This penal enhancement device has been designed after years of research to increase the size and girth of your penis. This device fastens around the base of the penis and the head and is fully adjustable. The premise is simple: you attach the device and over time you increase the length of the device. Your body’s natural reaction to this lengthening is to increase the tissue cells which results in a larger and longer penis. It is gentle and non painful and you will notice the results!  This is by far the most effective way to get a bigger dick, fast!

This is not a new technique and has been used all over the world for centuries. But now due to modern technology, this amazing and simple solution is now available to the millions of men across the continents who want to benefit from having a larger penis size. So there really is no reason to suffer in silence any longer. You too can take charge of your penis size and do something about it. You won’t regret this for one moment. And certainly, your lover will be thrilled not only in your larger penis but also in the increase in your confidence- those two components together are guaranteed to make your sex life amazing! What are you waiting for? If you want to take charge and get a bigger dick order the ProExtender today and take the first step to a happier, healthier you!

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